I grew up on the south west coast of England. The southerlies there blew straight in off the Celtic sea carrying that salty smell that I love so much. My family spent a lot of time on the coast fishing and poking around rock pools for crabs and shrimps.

It was much later in life when I got the chance as a commercial photographer to do some work for the New Zealand seafood industry that I went out to sea on a variety of fishing boats and started photographing whatever came up from the deep. My version of the iconic seafood poster has been around for the last 25 years.

What I enjoy the most is producing fish art from the high resolution files. Fish are incredibly beautiful when swimming around in the sea. Unfortunately when dragged from the ocean the colours fade quickly and the delicate tails and fins are easily damaged. In order to retain as much detail in form and colour it is necessary to photograph fish as close to the time they are caught as possible; spending weeks at sea is a prerequisite to fish photography.

I hope that you enjoy my celebration of the beauty of fish and find something that will look good in your home or office wall.

Terry Wreford Hann